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I am a talented photographer, and graphic designer

My name is Jessica E. Relyea. I am a photographer and graphic designer in central Ohio.

Before photographing seniors, engagements, couples, or weddings I like to get to know my customers. Some people get stiff and uncomfortable when they see a camera, but connecting with the people allows them to act more natural and almost forget there is a camera.
Good photography can have a powerful impact on the viewer. A good photograph can tell you a story, preserve special moments, and give you the feeling of having been there at the time the picture was taken. This is the power of candid photography.
Certain requests require posing people. Whether it’s children, senior portraits, couples, or wedding parties, I always try my best to make sure each person is comfortable. When a person fakes a facial expression it may not be immediately obvious but it can lower the quality of the photo overall.
Promotional photography is typically used for products or artist who have a message to convey to their audience. By using technical skills such as manipulating the focus, composition, and depth of field in just the right combinations, it can craft the perfect mood for your subject matter. Giving the correct mood to a photo is necessary for creating sensational imagery that makes the viewer want to seek out a personal knowledge of the product.

My skills extend beyond the world of photography as I have also done graphic design work for many large and small businesses. I have designed logos, business cards, posters, folders, websites, vehicle wraps and I have even given an amusement ride a face lift. Having a design oriented background helps to make sure every picture I take can be easily adapted to work on almost any media. Whether it is business cards, mugs, apparel, signage, invitations, or anything else you might want.

I have a great eye for detail and I see the world as if I am constantly looking through my view finder. I enjoy shooting in a photojournalism or candid style which gives my images a natural feel to them. I would love to use my knowledge and techniques to help you achieve the perfect outcome for your project.

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